Hi, my name is Randy Bonk (yes, it really is) and I thank you for visiting my website! I reside in Toronto, ON, Canada and I started because I have a strong passion for video production and wanted a platform to showcase my work.

My first foray into the entertainment business was as an actor. My parents had put me into acting classes when I was 12 years old and I began acting professionally in theatres shortly thereafter. I continued to act and study theatre for many years; but, became increasingly more interested in the making of films.

When the digital revolution began over twenty years ago, I realized if I had the right gear, I could create my own content and possibly work for and with others. So, I saved money and bought a Canon XL1 and a Power Mac G4, cut my teeth on the first iterations of Final Cut Pro and literally shot and edited anything I could. Looking back on those days, technology has certainly come a long way. But, I did manage to create some pretty cool videos!

My Gear

Today, I work on some incredibly fast and powerful equipment. Long gone are the days of standard definition and crazy long render times, tapes and firewire drives. Footage is mostly 4K – 8K in resolution, renders and exports happen quickly, and projects are constantly backed up to the Cloud. The picture on the right is of my current setup and consists of:

Current Gigs

For the past decade, I have been working contractually with Two Dogs Media as Head of Post Production. And over the last few years, this work has crossed over to Forensic Video Analysis at True Bearing Media. Please check out their sites as they can offer full-scale video production solutions for anything you need.

On the artistic side, I’m working on a new YouTube cartoon for kids and in pre-production on a short film I co-wrote with one of my friends. I’m also editing a series of music videos for a variety of independent musicians.