Thank you for  for visiting my website, bonk-r.com. My name is Randy Bonk (yup, it really is) and I am Toronto’s Finest Preditor.
A little cheeky I know, but hey that’s what I came up with and, well, I’m stickin’ with it…for now at least. 

What is a Preditor you ask? Isn’t that a typo and shouldn’t I be on a list somewhere, shunned by society? Well, I posted the definition below so those not-in-the-know, can know and those in-the-know, can quickly leave this page and view some of my work. But the Coles notes of it all is that I’m a producer-editor and the only one standing (or sitting) when the final product is handed off to the client.

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(plural preditors)

• In the entertainment industry, a job title that combines both the duties of a producer and an editor, and depending on the skills of the individual, the duties of a producer, a writer and an editor.

Preditors are becoming more and more common due to the rise of reality television. Usually an editor is given a detailed script to cut from, but a preditor is often given only an outline and is expected to create the story. On non scripted documentaries, a preditor can work without supervision to create the story outline, as well as write and edit the film.*

Term used for one who is essentially an all in one film maker. Ability to go through the processes of production, shooting, and editing all in one.**


Blend of producer and editor


1. Common misspelling of predator.

2. Common misspelling of predictor.

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