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More than ever, the need for streamlined, cost-effective video production has sky-rocketed as individuals and businesses look to market more through various social media outlets. For creatives such as filmmakers and musicians, budgets aren’t what they used to be and the ability to pay for full crews and multiple production roles simply isn’t there anymore. The game has changed and bonk-r.com understands this.

Why bonk-r.com for 

✔ 20+ years experience in digital video production. You don’t just get an editor, you get a preditor. You get someone who doesn’t just push buttons; but also a producer who can mould footage and audio into a fluent, persuasive piece.

✔ Little overhead so prices are reasonable and often a third of most production houses

✔ Free consultation and estimates.

✔ Ability to work remotely. You provide the footage through Dropbox or through services such as WeTransfer, pCloud Transfer etc. and the editing process begins. 

✔ From rough cut to final delivery, all drafts of your video will be uploaded to Vimeo and password-protected. You make your notes and revisions begin. Rinse and repeat.

✔ Your project and footage are RAID-protected and backed up to the Cloud.

2019 Demo Reel

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(plural preditors)

• In the entertainment industry, a job title that combines both the duties of a producer and an editor, and depending on the skills of the individual, the duties of a producer, a writer and an editor.

Preditors are becoming more and more common due to the rise of reality television. Usually an editor is given a detailed script to cut from, but a preditor is often given only an outline and is expected to create the story. On non scripted documentaries, a preditor can work without supervision to create the story outline, as well as write and edit the film.*

Term used for one who is essentially an all in one film maker. Ability to go through the processes of production, shooting, and editing all in one.**


Blend of producer and editor


1. Common misspelling of predator.

2. Common misspelling of predictor.

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** media-match.com